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September’s Animal Attraction | Rockhopper Penguin


Rockhopper Penguin - Jennie MillerPhoto: Jennie Miller

Bubbles is a male rockhopper penguin chick that hatched in May at the Detroit Zoo’s Penguinarium. His survival was a welcome relief to animal care staff, who had discovered an air bubble in his egg during the incubation period (earning him his moniker). Usually when this happens, the embryo perishes – but Bubbles pulled through. Two other penguin chicks – a rockhopper and a macaroni, both females – hatched around the same time. The three newcomers share a close bond, having taken swimming and climbing lessons together, though Bubbles is less fond of the pool than the others. The youngsters were recently introduced to the Zoo’s adult flock of rockhoppers, macaronis, kings and gentoos – all of which will move to their expanded new space in the Polk Penguin Conservation Center in early 2016.


Learn more about the rockhopper penguin.

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