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November's Animal Attraction | Southern White Rhinoceros

TambaPhoto by Roy Lewis


Tamba, a 14-year-old southern white rhinoceros, came to the Detroit Zoo in 2005 along with 14-year-old male Jasiri, whose crooked horn sets the two apart visually. Tamba, whose name is Swahili for “strut proudly”, is described by the humans most familiar with him as practical and self-confident. He likes to roll around in the mud, whack things and knock them down, particularly the grapevine the animal care staff hangs from his “toys”, consisting of barrels, balls, PVC pipe, and two repurposed street sweeper brushes. The rhinos can be seen year-round in their habitat by the Africa Train Station, outdoors in warm weather and indoors when temperatures drop.

Learn more about the southern white rhinoceros.

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