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October's Animal Attraction | Grevy’s Zebra



The Detroit Zoo’s 14-year-old male Grevy’s zebra, Z.Z., is tops when it comes to being a dad, having sired four foals since his arrival in 2003. The endangered Grevy’s is also tops in the zebra world, being the largest of the three zebra species. These zebras have seen rapidly declining numbers in the wild, making Z.Z. a valuable member of the Species Survival Plan, a cooperative management plan among accredited zoos to ensure genetically healthy, diverse and self-sustaining populations of threatened and endangered species. According to the animal care staff most familiar with him, Z.Z. is approachable and laid back. He spends most of his time grazing, napping, rolling in the dust or "pursuing" females Elvira and Zoe. The herd also includes Jimmy, Z.Z.’s offspring with Elvira. The zebras can be found in their African Grasslands habitat next to the giraffes.

Learn more about the Grevy’s zebra.

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