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June’s Animal Attraction | Reticulated Giraffe


GiraffeReticulated Giraffe

While he stands nearly 9 feet tall and tips the scales at 640 pounds, 8-month-old reticulated giraffe calf Mpenzi is still but a babe. He continues to nurse a couple times a day with mom, Kivuli, 6, and while he tends to stay close to her, he is sometimes bold enough to venture away and explore the habitat they share with dad, Jabari, 7. Mpenzi – whose name means “love” in Swahili – is described by animal care staff as curious and inquisitive, but also timid at times. In addition to the nutrition he gains from mom, Mpenzi has begun to enjoy fresh browse and alfalfa – and occasionally, crackers too. The giraffes can be found in the African Grasslands next to the zebras.


Learn more about the reticulated giraffe.

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