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The Purchasing Department resides under the Finance Division of the Detroit Zoological Society (DZS), under the direction of the Finance Director. The Purchasing Department is responsible for overseeing the procurement activities of the DZS. This department dedicates its resources to ensuring that procurement activities are conducted in an ethical, legal and professional manner. It is important to our organization that we establish and maintain excellent working relations with all of our internal and external customers, making quality customer service our focus. The DZS Purchasing Department abides by the DZS policies and procedures.

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 Competitive Bid Opportunities
Request for Proposals
Project Deadline PDF File Status
Investment Professional RFP September 18, 2015
pdf-download Pending
 Waste And Recycling Audit   August 24, 2015  pdf-download  Pending
Description Instruction
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Request for Quotes
Project Deadline PDF File Status
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Request for Qualifications
Project Deadline Extensions PDF File Status
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Project Award Date Status
Healthy Vending Machine Option June 2015 Contract Pending
Legal Services - Human Resources June 2015 Contract Pending
Website Responsive Rebuild May 27, 2015 Contract Pending
Automated Teller Machines February 17, 2014  Contract Executed
Emergency Medical Technician Services April 22, 2014 Contract Executed
Construction Management Services July 14, 2014 Contract Executed
Rissman PlayVenture, File No. 07082014OP September 26, 2014 Contract Executed
Compensation Study, File No. 62614HR August 6, 2014 Contract Executed
Electrical Services August 27,2014 Contract Pending
Copier Lease and Maintenance November 4, 2014 Contract Executed
December 23, 2014 Contract Pending
Gunite January 1, 2015 Contract Pending
Donor Recognition Design and Implementation February 13, 2015 Contract Pending
Uniform Supplier N/A Not Awarded For 2015

Contact Information

Purchasing Manager: Alicia Martin Email: [email protected]