Collared peccary

At the Detroit Zoo
Male collared peccaries Fozzy and Arnold were born at the Detroit Zoo. They enjoy playing with challenging toys such as puzzle feeders. The animals share their American Grasslands habitat with the guanacos west of the Ford Education Center.

The collared peccary has a pig-like snout, a large head and shoulders and small legs with hoofed feet. It has grizzled gray and brown bristly fur and a collar of white or yellowish fur around its neck.

Scientific name: Pecari tajacu
: Southwest regions of North America, South America
Habitat: The collared peccary is able to live in a variety of environments such as deserts, arid woodlands, oak woodlands and tropical rainforests.
Size: 3 feet long from nose to tail
Weight: 35-60 pounds
Diet: The collared peccary is primarily an herbivore, feeding on an assortment of food including bulbs, tubers, prickly pear cactus fruit, grass, acorns and insects.
Reproduction: Gestation five months; two offspring
Lifespan: 7-8 years in the wild; up to 24 years in captivity
Conservation Status:Least Concern




The collared peccary is sometimes called a “musk hog” because of a strong odor that secretes from musk glands near the rump and eyes.

It is also called “javelina”, Spanish for javelin, because of its armor-like tusks, used for defense.