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Southern screamer

At the Detroit Zoo
The southern screamers can be found in the guanaco habitat in the American Grasslands from May through September.

The southern screamer is a large bird with black and gray feathers. Some may have a green-black coloration. Its head is small and covered with downy feathers and features a short, conical, hooked beak. A pair of rings encircles its neck; one is bare white skin and the other is black feathers. Ornamental feathers grow in tufts on the back of the head and also form a slim tuft on the forehead.

Scientific name: Chauna torquata
Continent: South America
Habitat: Tropical and sub-tropical wetlands, including lakes, marshes, flooded grasslands and lagoons
Size: 28 to 37 inches
Weight: 6 to 11 pounds
Diet: Grasses, stems, seeds, berries and leaves of several different kinds of plants; occasionally insects and small animals
Reproduction: Two to seven eggs which incubate for 40 to 46 days
: 15 years in the wild; 35 years in captivity
Conservation Status: Least Concern



Southern screamers establish monogamous relationships that last several years or possibly for the pair's lifetime.

The harsh loud vocalization of these birds can be heard from miles away.