Zoo Animals


Brown bear

Ursus arctos

At the Detroit Zoo
Brown bear Polly was rescued from a travelling circus and adopted by the Detroit Zoo in 2000. Due to her troubled roots, she is shy and is easily affected by change. Polly is very set in her ways and spends her days sticking to routine and eating ice treats and bones. When she likes her treats or toys, she tends to toss them up in the air. If you look closely, you can see a marking on her face that some say resembles an angel. Polly can be found in the bear dens south of the giraffes.


The brown bear has a large head, prominent shoulder hump and massive paws. The large hump on its back is packed with muscle and it has long sharp claws which makes this bear a perfect digging machine. Its coat can be brown, blonde or black.

Fun Facts

  • The brown bear hibernates in winter, preserving energy by reducing body temperature and heart rate.