Take a Ride on the Wild Side!

The 36-foot custom-made, wood-and-brass carousel is adorned with 33 brilliant hand-carved, hand-painted figures, including traditional carousel horses as well as a colorful collection of other mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, snakes, fish, seahorses, dinosaurs and an ADA-compliant peacock chariot.

Located adjacent to the Arctic Café and the Carousel Ice Cream Station.


Placed in the heart of the Detroit Zoo, the Carousel is designed to be a major gathering place for Zoo visitors. It has a capacity of 546 riders per hour and will be seen by over one million Zoo visitors a year. Custom-designed by The Carousel Works, the world's largest manufacturer of wooden carousels, each figure and the ADA-compliant

Carousel Rental
The attraction also can be rented for private parties, weddings and corporate functions. For rental information, contact Sherri Chmiel at (248) 336-5805 or [email protected]