For your safety and enjoyment

We want your visit to be pleasant and safe, so we ask that you observe the following rules:

No-Feeding Policy
Visitors are strictly prohibited from feeding any animal at the Detroit Zoo. This includes peacocks, geese and squirrels. Animals have nutritionally balanced diets, and throwing food and other objects into habitats may risk their health and safety. Guests who violate this rule will be escorted from the Zoo.

No Admittance to Restricted Areas
For your own safety and the safety of your children, NEVER get close to the animals. Do not climb over, lean on or lift children onto or over fences. Please stay out of service areas.

Security Services:
Guests are required to abide by all posted rules and regulations and to follow the direction of Security Officers.

  • Smoking is restricted to one designated smoking area (see map).
  • Shoes and shirts are required. 
  • No obscene or indecent clothing. 
  • No bicycle riding, ball or frisbee playing, skateboarding, roller or in-line skating, shoes with built-in skates, tricycles and scooters. 
  • Segways and other similar upright assisted mobility devices are not permitted on Zoo grounds. 
  • Absolutely no pets on Zoo grounds or in parking lots. 
  • No grills or alcohol. 
  • No distribution of merchandise or printed literature of any kind in the Zoo. 
  • No collection of signatures. No solicitation. 
  • No radios or televisions. 
  • No balloons (they are dangerous to animals).