Membership FAQ

 Q: How long is my membership active?

A: One year from the date of purchase.  However, if you renew before your membership expires, your new year of membership begins on your original anniversary date, not the date you renew.

Q: Who can I contact with questions about my membership?
A: Call Detroit Zoo Membership Services at (248) 541-5717 and press 3 or contact us by email at [email protected]

Q: How long after I purchase a Zoo membership will it take before I receive my membership card?
A: The card will take two-to-three weeks to arrive. If you purchase your membership onsite at the Detroit Zoo you will receive your card upon completion of the transaction.

Q: If I join online, can I use my benefits when I visit the Zoo today?
A: Yes, just print the receipt and bring your confirmation to the Membership entrance gates (9 and 10) at the the main Zoo entrance along with a picture ID.

Q: If I visit the Zoo and join on site, will I get reimbursed for parking?
A: If you are charged (on the same day) parking prior to entering the Zoo or purchasing your membership, save your receipt and before the end of the day turn it in for reimbursement towards a membership.

Q: Is my membership tax deductible?
A: Yes, memberships are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Consult your tax adviser for details.

Q: Do Members of the Detroit Zoological Society receive free or discounted admission to other zoos and aquariums in the U.S.?
A: Yes, you will receive 50% off admission at zoos listed on our reciprocal list. Please see the Reciprocal List of Zoos.

In anticipation of an expected increase in Detroit Zoo attendance due to the opening of the Polk Penguin Conservation Center in early 2016, we will no longer offer a reciprocal benefit with Toledo Zoo members effective January 1, 2016.

Q: I have a membership to another zoo or aquarium in the U.S. do I receive free or discounted admission to The Detroit Zoological Society?
A: Yes, if your membership is with a zoo or aquarium on our reciprocal list you will receive 50% off admission to the Detroit Zoo. Parking is $6 per vehicle.

Q: Can I purchase a membership online?
A: Yes, click here to join or renew.

Q: How do I update/change my membership information?
A: Call Membership Services at (248) 541-5717 and press 3 or email [email protected]

Q: I have misplaced my membership card. How do I get a new one?
A: You can request a new card via email at [email protected], or stop in Membership Services before your next visit to the Detroit Zoo, or by simply calling the Membership Services office at (248) 541-5717 and press 3 and we will mail a new card to you.

Q: Can someone else use my membership card?
A: Memberships are non-transferable and identification is required at the gate.

Q: I have not received my membership materials in the mail yet; can I still visit the Zoo?
A: Yes, please stop by the Membership Services office with a photo and we will issue a temporary day pass.

Q: What if I lose my membership card or leave it at home?
A: Contact membership services at 248-541-5717 and press 3 for a replacement card or stop by the Membership Office before going to the gate to obtain a temporary membership card.

Q: Can members exit through the membership booth?
A: Members have their own entrance to the Zoo, but everyone must exit thru the exit gate. The Rackham Fountain Entrance – located at the end of the 10 Mile Road parking lot – is another option for Members only.  It offers easy access and exit.

Q: Do members have designated parking?
A: No, but members get free daytime during public hours, Wild Summer Nights concerts and MemberFest. Event parking is additional.

Q: Do members get discounts on concessions?
A: No, but members do get a discount at Zoofari Market and Arctic Outpost.

Q: I was unable to find the answer(s) I needed. Where can I find further information?
A: You can email us at [email protected], call Membership Services at (248) 541-5717 and press 3 or stop by the Membership Services office during your next visit to the Detroit Zoo.

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