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Great Lakes Center for Nature


Coming Soon to Macomb County

Nature attraction will focus on conservation of the Great Lakes region.

The Detroit Zoological Society has selected Macomb County as the home of the Great Lakes Center for Nature, which will focus on the water and wildlife of the Great Lakes.

Macomb County
As stewards of the environment, we have a great responsibility to protect the Great Lakes and the wildlife that inhabit them. Macomb County, with 32 miles of coastline along Lake St. Clair and 31 miles on the Clinton River, is the ideal location for a center devoted to the natural wonders of the Great Lakes.

This exciting nature attraction will offer opportunities for family fun and learning, educational programming and community engagement. It will also offer programs for learning about the diverse ecosystems that make up the Great Lakes watershed, as well as environmental protection and the economic importance of North America’s freshwater inland seas.  In addition to being a beautiful and bountiful resource for tourism and recreation in Macomb County, the Great Lakes serve as a major thoroughfare for transportation and trade. The Great Lakes Center for Nature will play a significant role in educating the community about protecting this valuable natural resource.

The Great Lakes Center for Nature will be primarily funded through private and foundation contributions. In addition, efforts are underway to secure public funding from various agencies. To make a donation, contact Kayne Karnbach at (248) 336-5754 or kkarnbach@dzs.org.

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