Australian Outback Adventure

The Australian Outback Adventure is home to a mob of 10 kangaroos and their close cousins, two red-necked wallabies. Visitors can get face-to-face with the marsupials from right inside this immersive habitat, traveling along a winding path while the animals are free to bound and graze wherever they please.

The habitat simulates the Outback experience with coordinated landscaping, plantings, and even three typical Outback settlement buildings, including “Max’s Outback Roadhouse,” complete with a tin roof and sun-baked exterior. Two of the structures actually serve as holding buildings where the animals can access food and shelter at will.

Special, themed content introduces visitors to the whole kangaroo and wallaby experience, focusing on how these amazing marsupials interact with the ecosystem and with Australia’s human inhabitants, both the aboriginal cultures and European settlers. Specially trained volunteers are on hand to assist visitors with numerous interactive learning opportunities, including graphics; aboriginal artifacts such as tools, weapons, musical instruments, costumes and petroglyphs (rock paintings); recorded music of didgeridoos and other instruments; and for the kids, an activity plaza with an interactive “kangaroo jump”, along with other special features.