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American Beaver

American beaver

Castor canadensis

At the Detroit Zoo
A family of five American beavers resides at the Jane and Frank Warchol Beaver Habitat on the northern edge of the Cotton Family Wetlands: male Linden and females Eve, Wicket, Sassafras and Tulip.

The largest rodent in North America has a lustrous reddish- or blackish-brown, waterproof fur coat, webbed hind feet and a broad, flat, scaly tail that is roughly 10 inches long. The beaver has a disproportionately large skull and four powerful, orange-colored teeth – two upper and two lower incisors – that are used to gnaw on tree bark. Its small, round ears can close to keep water out.

Fun Facts

  • Beavers are one of only three “keystone” species – along with elephants and humans – that have the ability to change the earth’s landscape.