Zoo Animals

Detroit Zoo - Bare Faced Curassow


Crax fasciolata

At the Detroit Zoo
The bare-faced curassow can be found in the Free-Flight Aviary.

The male curassow is black with a white underbelly. He has a yellow bill with a black tip and exposed black skin around the eye, which is a good field mark. The female has light brownish-tan underparts with pinkish-red legs and feet. Her upperparts are mostly black with white to tan barring. Most curassows have black feathers that curl forward on the top of their heads, though the female bare-faced curassow’s feathers are black and white. Curassows travel in pairs or small flocks and prefer to run rather than fly.

Fun Facts

  • The male leads the family in the forest to forage for food and will whistle if there is danger.