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Domestic yak

Bos grunniens grunniens

At the Detroit Zoo
The Detroit Zoo is home to a female domestic yak, Novus. She was born in 1999 and arrived at the Zoo a year later. She can be found in the Barn with the belted Galloway steer, miniature donkeys, Thoroughbred horses, pigs and other barnyard animals.

Equipped with a heavy build and sturdy frame, the domestic yak has humped shoulders, short legs and rounded hooves.  Both male and female yaks have horns. The horns of the male sweep out from the sides of the head and then curve forward with an upward tilt; they typically range from 19 to 39 inches in length. The horns of a female are smaller, only 11 to 25 inches in length, and have a more upright shape.

Fun Facts

  • In contrast from the wild form, the domestic yak makes frequent grunting noises and is therefore called the "grunting ox".