Hourglass tree frog

Dendropsophus ebraccatus

At the Detroit Zoo
The hourglass tree frog is housed in a multi-species neotropical habitat with heavy plant growth, a waterfall and a rocky stream bed.

These neotropical frogs are native to Mexico, Central and South America. Hourglass tree frogs are small, yellow-orange frogs that are able to fit on your finger. They have throats that can puff out into a translucent bubble.

Fun Facts

  • Hourglass tree frogs are known for the hourglass shape on their backs.

  • The hourglass tree frogs are also known as the pantless tree frogs. The contrast of the yellow thighs from the rest of the body’s pattern gives the illusion the frogs are not wearing pants.

  • During the day, these frogs are more of a muted brown color. At night while they are active, they are bright white, tan and yellow.