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Detroit Zoo - Mississippi Gopher Frog

Dusky gopher frog

Lithobates sevosus

At the Detroit Zoo
The dusky gopher frog is not viewable to the public due to the Zoo’s efforts to restore this endangered species through a cooperative breeding program. The captive population serves as insurance against extinction until the species can be adequately protected in the wild and suitable locations are found for release. The dusky gopher frogs are maintained in special bio-secure rooms behind the scenes of the NACC. These frogs have an estimated population of less than 150 in the wild. Their decline is mainly due to habitat destruction and dependence on burrows from gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus).

The dusky gopher frog has a stocky medium-sized wart-covered body that is black, brown or gray with dark spots.

Fun Facts

  • The dusky gopher frog will cover its eyes with its front legs when it is held and feels threatened.