Struthio camelus

At the Detroit Zoo
The Detroit Zoo is home to a rescued male ostrich. Hannibul was born in 1999 and acquired as a chick by a private owner in Illinois. For the first two years of his life, he was confined to a garage and suffered a severe injury to his left eye. Eventually, Hannibul was rescued by SASHA Farm, an animal sanctuary in Manchester, Michigan. He was offered sanctuary at the Detroit Zoo in 2015 because the Zoo could provide an even larger habitat for him. Hannibul can be found roaming the African Forest.

The ostrich is the world’s largest bird. Males have black feathered bodies with white feathers on their wings and tail. Females have light brown or gray feathers. They are flightless birds, but they rely on their long and strong legs to kick and run.

Fun Facts

  • Male ostriches produce a variety of vocalizations such as “booming,” “hissing” and “beak clacking.”

  • When trouble is around, ostriches might lay flat on the ground to appear less visible or might sprint up to speeds of 40 mph, twitching from side to side.