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Red-necked wallaby

Macropus rufogriseus

At the Detroit Zoo
The Detroit Zoo is home to two red-necked wallabies: female Fauna and male Maroo, who was rescued by the Detroit Zoological Society in February 2010 from an animal wholesaler in Texas – along with more than 1,000 other animals – in the largest exotic animal raid in U.S. history. Visitors can get face-to-face with the marsupials inside the Australian Outback Adventure, traveling along a winding path while the animals are free to bound and graze wherever they please.


The red-necked wallaby has a reddish-brown or gray coat with a dark muzzle, paws and feet. It uses its large tail to help keep its balance while hopping, usually in a zigzag manner. The female has a pouch on her abdomen which is used to raise her young. The red-necked wallaby is also known as a Bennett’s wallaby.

Fun Facts

  • Like its cousin the kangaroo, a group of wallabies is called a mob.

  • A red-necked wallaby can cover over 5 feet in one jump.