Linne’s two-toed sloth

Choloepus didactylus

At the Detroit Zoo

Molasses is a Linne’s two-toed sloth who found sanctuary at the Detroit Zoo in 2018 after the sudden closure of Bat Zone in Pontiac. Known simply as “Mo”, he can be found in The Hangout with five African straw-colored fruit bats near the Japanese macaques and rhinos. His nook features densely planted greenery, a stream, skylights and a tree where he spends most of his time napping.


Sloths have shaggy fur that can be grayish brown to beige in color. A green hue may be present from algae growing in the fur. Sloths have two long nails that curve at the tip on their front feet and three on their hind feet. Sloths spend nearly all of their time hanging from tree branches with a powerful grip aided by their long claws.

Fun Facts

  • Sloths are primarily nocturnal, sleeping for 15 hours during the day, and waking during the night only to feed.

  • Sloths are well camouflaged in tree canopies. Their most common resting position is curled into a ball in the branches of a tree in order to protect themselves from predators.

  • Sloths are relatively solitary mammals. Groups of females sometimes occupy the same tree, and young may inherit the home range of their parents.