Zoo Animals

Detroit Zoo - Dozier Steer - Photo by Patti Truesdell

Belted Galloway steer

Bos taurus taurus

The Detroit Zoo
Visitors are in for a sweet treat with belted Galloway steer Dozier, who was born in 2008 and arrived at the Detroit Zoo in 2009. Some say he resembles a giant Oreo cookie, with a creamy-white midsection surrounded by black front and hind quarters.  Dozier can be seen in the Barn with the miniature donkeys, domestic yak, Thoroughbred horses, pigs and other barnyard animals.

A belted Galloway has either black, red or brownish-gray colored hair with a white mid-section that encircles its body.  It has a double coat of long hair, good for shedding rain and keeping warm.  It also has large eyes and wide nostrils.

Fun Facts

  • Belted Galloway cattle are often nicknamed "Oreo Cookie Cows" because of their black and white coat.