A wire sculpture
A wire sculpture

Snares to Wares: Capacity for Change

May 8 - March 29 Free with admission

In many parts of the world where poverty is high and resources are scarce, wild animals are an important food source for people. In the small town of Pakwach in Northern Uganda, local residents create snare traps made from the steel wires found in discarded vehicle tires.  The traps are one of few means of obtaining food for people, but the practice is illegal and inhumane, and presents a challenge for wildlife and conservation.

Snares to Wares: Capacity for Change is the story of what can happen when people have a way to provide for themselves that is meaningful, humane and sustainable. It includes works created by the Initiative, including a life size work commissioned by the DZS. The Snares to Wares Initiative trains local artisans to repurpose wire snares into sculptures of wildlife. The sale of these works offers much needed income to the artists, providing a viable alternative to poaching.                    

The exhibition opens May 8 in the Wildlife Interpretive Gallery and runs through March 29, 2020.