Giving Zoo Day is going to the grizzlies, and your generosity ensures their continued care.

November 29

Giving Zoo Day is Tuesday, Nov. 29, and your gift will help purchase a bear-proof mesh training wall so our animal care team can safely provide care for the bears for years to come. This care includes examining their eyes, teeth and ears, drawing blood and administrating medication.

The mesh wall also allows our veterinarians to perform medical procedures without anesthetizing the bears – a preferred practice that is better for their overall health.

Thanks to a gracious match from longtime Zoo patrons Patricia and Jerry Wagner, your donation will also be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000.




The animal care team will teach the bears cues so they can voluntarily participate in their own health care. For example, when the bears follow a cue to open their mouths for examination of their teeth, they receive graham crackers as a reward. When they present their paws for blood draws or injections, they receive extra-special foods like marshmallows and honey.

The grizzly bears found sanctuary at the Zoo in 2011 after their mother was killed by a poacher. Since they were only a year old at the time of her death, they could not survive on their own in the wild. Countless visitors have found great delight in watching the bears grow over the years and you gift of on Giving Zoo Day makes you an integral part of Mike, Boo and Thor’s continued health and well-being.

Show Mike, Thor and Boo some love this Giving Zoo Day and ensure their continued care for years to come.