Celebrating Elephants

The Detroit Zoological Society has a long history of caring for elephants. To celebrate elephants, follow the activity directions to uncover the mystery drawing!


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife and Wild Places:

The Detroit Zoological Society realized that the indoor space available for the elephants to live in during the winter was not sufficient, especially for animals who would walk many miles each day in the wild. Elephants live in large social groups, and the pair of elephants living together may not have met all of their social needs. Based on these, and other factors, the DZS decided to transfer the elephants to a sanctuary in California, prioritizing their well-being over the expectation of finding elephants at the Zoo.


 Take Action:

Many animals, like elephants, have been made to perform at circuses and other events. Your actions matter, by avoiding events that use animals as entertainment for people, you are sending an important message. Because of people’s actions, there are far fewer elephants being exploited in circuses now than ever before.


Download: Elephant Coding