Chilean Flamingos Adaptations

Flamingos get their bright pink and red coloration from the plants they eat. To explore what pigments are in plants, try this activity!


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife and Wild Places:

In January of 2019, Detroit Zoological Society animal care staff stepped in to help when droughts in South Africa caused thousands of flamingo nests to be abandoned. A coordinated effort of wildlife experts from across the world saved many of the chicks, releasing them once they were old enough to care for themselves.


 Take Action:

Droughts, major rainfall events and other weather-related events are becoming more common as our global climate changes. You can help mitigate the causes of climate change by eating more plant-based meals. Livestock raised for humans to eat release methane gas as they digest their food. Methane is a gas that acts like a heat-trapping blanket in our atmosphere, causing the world’s climate to change. Try including plants that are rich in beta-carotene to your diet!


Download: Flamingo Colors