Eland Clicking

Common elands have quite the click to their step. Learn more about how male elands have used a naturally occurring clicking knee to attract mates and fend off competition. Make your own clicking musical instrument, the qraqeb, using recycled materials.


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife:

The Detroit Zoological Society works hard to ensure each individual animal in our care is thriving, not just surviving. The Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle Nature Center provide spacious and complex habitats for animals to have room to roam and engage in natural behaviors all year long. We routinely study how the animals are using their habitats throughout different seasons and make adjustments. Keeping the animals both comfortable and stimulated is part of ensuring great welfare.


 Take Action:

Extreme heat and dry spells can be stressful times for wild animals living in your neighborhood. Become an animal caretaker and provide spaces cooled down by sprinklers. Provide fresh water and a chance to swim for small birds by placing a small water fountain in your backyard or front yard.


Download: Skill Sheet- Eland Clicking Qraqebs