Flamingo Rescue

The Detroit Zoological Society’s animal care team’s experience in raising Greater flamingos prepared them to help with a massive rescue of Lesser flamingos in South Africa.


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife:

In January of 2019, Detroit Zoological Society animal care staff stepped in to help when droughts in South Africa caused thousands of flamingo nests to be abandoned. A coordinated effort of wildlife experts from across the world saved many of the eggs and chicks, releasing them once they were old enough to care for themselves.


 Take Action:

Droughts, major rainfall events and other weather-related events are becoming more common as our global climate changes. You can help mitigate the causes of climate change by eating more plant-based meals. Livestock raised for humans to eat release methane gas as they digest their food. Methane is a gas that acts like a heat-trapping blanket in our atmosphere, causing the world’s climate to change. Try including plants that are rich in beta-carotene to your diet!


Download: Flamingo Watercolor