Giraffe Day

Giraffes don’t face any competition for the leaves high in the trees so these tall animals spend all day browsing. See the giraffes at the Detroit Zoo browse on their favorite leaves, learn more about giraffes and see how you can turn falling leaves into confetti that is colorful and clean-up free! Making confetti out of leaves helps keep other animals safe by eliminating the use of small pieces of plastic that can be swallowed and ingested,


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife and Wild Places:

The giraffe habitat recently underwent a dramatic transformation, which expanded their outdoor yard. The renovation also saw the animals’ indoor area expand to more than double the size of their previous space. It is now large enough for the entire herd to be together during the colder months. Windows and skylights were incorporated to provide more sunlight and fresh air when the animals are indoors, and a natural substrate was used for the flooring, which is good for the giraffes’ feet and joints.


 Take Action:

Each fall, millions of leaves are placed in plastic bags and thrown away into landfills where they breakdown slowly, releasing methane gas into the air and contributing to climate change. Breaking down leaves into small pieces and leaving them on lawns over winter, saves time, adds nutrients into the soil and decreases the amount of methane released.


Download: Skill Sheet- Giraffes