Tree Kangaroo Spotlight

A tree Kangaroo, close-up
Tree Kangaroos spend most of their times in the trees, surrounded by the branches and leaves that make up the top of the tree. Take on the perspective of tree kangaroos and imagine what the world looks like looking down below.


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife:

The Detroit Zoological Society is committed to conservation and sustainability efforts locally by choosing ethically responsible building materials for new habitats and buildings. Reclaimed wood is locally sourced for projects whenever possible.


 Take Action:

When looking for paper or wood products, look for products made with recycled paper or reclaimed wood first. Consider reusable alternative to paper goods like napkins and paper towels or find paper and wood that has been certified as responsibly sourced and sustainably harvested by the forest stewardship council.


Download: Skill Sheet- Tree Kangaroo Perspective