Zoo Careers: Animal Medicine

Arctic fox

9th to 12th grade

Engage and Assess

Participants will use mobile technology to share a career path they are interested in pursuing. Then participants will work in small groups to quickly chart all the jobs they think a zoo needs to run effectively. This will provide the facilitator insights into the participants’ background knowledge and interests to frame the experience.


  • Communicating information
  • Analyzing data
  • Problem solving

Science Concepts / Standards

  • Career Prep: Common Career Technical Core – Career Ready Practices
    • Communicate clearly and effectively and with reason.
    • Plan education and career paths aligned to personal goals.


  • 60-minute experience
  • Maximum of 35 students and five adults

Each class consists of two-parts. A 30-minute activity uses a hypothetical veterinary case, developed by a Detroit Zoological Society veterinarian, to introduce the critical thinking process that the veterinary staff utilize on a daily basis to diagnose and treat animals. During the remaining 30-minutes, a tour allows students to compare human to non-human medical care and see how equipment is used and adapted to best meet the needs of species from tiny frogs to great apes.

Celebrating and Saving Wildlife

The Detroit Zoological Society provides excellent care and welfare to more than 2,000 animals through the combined efforts of animal care, veterinary and Center for Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare and Ethics staff. The DZS is recognized as a national leader in animal welfare and conservation.

Take Action

  • If you have a companion animal, be sure to keep up-to-date on their health check-ups, spay/neuter cats and dogs, and have your pet vaccinated for common diseases.
  • Volunteer at an animal rescue organization. Many rescues/shelters rely on volunteers to help care for animals. This can be a great first step into gaining valuable experience and connecting to professionals in the animal care world.

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