FAQs – Amazon Rainforest Adopt-A-School Program


Frequently asked questions about the Peru Adopt-A-School Program.

  • Can I send school supplies to Peru?

    Unfortunately, no. The cost of shipping school supplies and increased scrutiny of items transported in personal luggage prevents us from sending supplies. The fortunate side of this is that all supplies are purchased in Peru, supporting the local economy and fitting in with their school standards.

  • What do I receive to recognize my contribution?

    Every donation receives an acknowledgment from the Detroit Zoological Society’s Development department. This letter can serve as proof of a tax deductible donation, to the extent of the state and federal tax laws.

  • How will I know which community I supported?

    Every donor who contributes $425 or more will receive the name and location of the school you’ve adopted, a list of school supplies purchased for the school, photos of the students, teacher and school taken during the delivery ceremony, and artwork created for you by the student s of your adopted community. Due to their size, some communities may receive multiple sponsors.

  • What portion of my donation goes to supporting the program?

    100% of your donation is used to purchase and deliver the school supplies. Volunteers pay their own way to help distribute the supplies and the Detroit Zoological Society covers the administrative costs of processing and transferring the donations in their entirety to our partner, CONAPAC, in Peru.

  • How long has the Zoo been involved?

    Since 1999.

  • How long has the program been going?

    CONAPAC has been supporting rainforest communities since 1990.

  • Who is CONAPAC?

    The Civil Association for Conservation of the Peruvian Amazon Environment is an NGO formed in July 1990 in Iquitos, Peru, by a group of teachers, forestry engineers and employees of the travel operator Exploraciones Amazonicas S.A.-- Explorama Lodges. Registered with the Peruvian government, its purpose is the conservation of the Peruvian Amazon primary rainforest. Though the staff is small, with the help of Explorama, it serves those in the rainforest most in need of education and other tools for sustainable living. CONAPAC Website - www.conapac.org

  • How much does it cost to volunteer to deliver school supplies?

    The 9-day trip is $1,500 US. The money is a donation to CONAPAC and helps cover some of their administrative costs. Airfare is not included in that amount and ranges from $800 to $1,400 round-trip from most US locations. Each year, we are excited to invite volunteers to help with the delivery of school supplies and to assist in community service projects in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Our volunteers spend nine days in Peru, exploring the jungle, visiting communities, and providing support that changes lives. For more information on this opportunity visit the Amazon Travel Program page.