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Gulo gulo gulo

At the Detroit Zoo
A breeding pair of Eurasian wolverines – male Yaroslawl, born in 2016 and female Janis, born in 2017 – can be found in the American Grasslands at the Detroit Zoo. The wolverines arrived at the Zoo from Sweden in 2018 through a recommendation from the European Endangered Species Programme, as part of a partnership between the Association of Zoos & Aquariums and the European Association for Zoos and Aquaria.

The wolverine has small, round ears, a broad head and a long, bushy tail. It has dark brown fur with tannish-colored stripes on both sides of its body (running from its shoulders to its tail). It is a stocky and muscular member of the weasel family that more closely resembles the bear than other weasels. Its wide feet helps it to travel over various terrains (such as snow), and its long, non-retractable claws and powerful jaws help it rip into its food.

Fun Facts

  • A wolverine's fur is hydrophobic, which means that the fur is resistant to the elements such as frost and snow.

  • Kits are born white so they are able to be camouflaged in the winter.  Their white natal hair eventually turns brown as the kits mature.