Detroit Zoo - Mousebird - Photo By - Roy Lewis

Speckled mousebird

Colius striatus

At the Detroit Zoo
The speckled mousebird can be found inside the Matilda R. Wilson Free-Flight Aviary, where more than 20 species of birds are free to fly, walk or swim among the cover of lush tropical plants in a warm and inviting climate.

Speckled mousebirds are a dull brown color. Their beaks are black on the top and pinkish on the bottom. Their long, pale, brown tails account for half their overall length.

Fun Facts

  • Speckled mousebirds have reversible outer toes, which gives them the versatility to hang upside down and climb tree trunks.

  • Speckled mousebirds have a slow metabolism for birds, and thus do not need to spend as much time in search of food.