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Detroit Zoo - African Pygmy Goose

African pygmy goose

Nettapus auritus

At the Detroit Zoo
The African pygmy goose can be found inside the Matilda R. Wilson Free-Flight Aviary where more than 20 species of birds are free to fly, walk or swim among the cover of lush tropical plants in a warm and inviting climate.

The male African pygmy goose is mostly white, with spots of green.  The female has a white face with gray spots and black under the eyes.  Both the male and female have a red tint on its belly with green marking on the rest of its body. It has a short bill, a rounded head and short legs.

Fun Facts

  • The African pygmy goose most commonly eats the seeds of water lilies and will live in places based on the amount of water lilies in a specific aquatic area.

  • African pygmy geese are actually considered “perching ducks”.