Red ruffed lemurs

At the Detroit Zoo

Red ruffed lemurs Iray and Telo were born in April 2018 and moved to the Detroit Zoo in February 2023. These brothers share a space at the Detroit Zoo with a troop of ring-tailed lemurs. During the winter months, they can be viewed inside the Hideaway habitat.



Red ruffed lemurs are named for their plush, rust-colored coats. These primates tend to weigh about 7 pounds and reach up to 45 inches tall.

Fun Facts

  • Native to remote rainforests of northern Madagascar, red ruffed lemurs are largely arboreal and spend much of their lives in the trees.

  • Red ruffed lemurs are important pollinators. They move pollen between flowers when they drink the nectar inside.  

  • Red ruffed lemurs are highly vocal and are known to use at least 12 different calls to communicate with each other.