Detroit Zoo - Taveta Golden Weaver

Taveta golden weaver

Ploceus castaneiceps

At the Detroit Zoo
The taveta weaver can be found inside the Matilda R. Wilson Free-Flight Aviary where more than 20 species of birds are free to fly, walk or swim among the cover of lush tropical plants in a warm and inviting climate.

The male taveta weavers are bright yellow with greenish wings and tails, and chestnut patches on their napes and chests. The females are yellowish-olive with dusky streaks and pale yellow underparts. They have yellow stripes above each eye.

Fun Facts

  • Male taveta weavers use their beaks to weave nests and the female weavers choose a mate based on the male's weaving skills, which is how the species received their name.

  • Although they are classified as songbirds, the taveta weavers are very noisy and the sounds are not enjoyable for human ears.