Animal Locomotion Exercises

Can you slither like a snake? Jump like a kangaroo? Or balance like a flamingo? Come exercise your wild side with these fun movements inspired by our friends in the animal kingdom! These simple exercises are great in any indoor or outdoor habitat and promise to strengthen gross motor skills in a playful and creative way. Once you get started, you’ll realize the possibilities are endless!


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife and Wild Places:

Part of living a more humane life begins with an appreciation for the natural world. By simply emulating the different ways in which animals move their wings, paws, and fins one deepens their empathy and connection with animals. These relationships can last a lifetime, ensuring a future of people helping animals and protecting their natural spaces.


 Take Action:

Get curious and be observant! Come and visit the zoo or study the animals in your neighborhood and note how they are moving. Challenge yourself to move your body in the same way.


Download: Skill Sheet