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Reticulated python

Malayopython reticulatus

At the Detroit Zoo

The 20-by-8-by-8 foot reticulated python habitat in the Holden Reptile Conservation Center features a large stone head deity – created by Detroit Zoo reptile keeper David Blanchard – fashioned after temple idols found at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The enclosure also features a variety of plants and trees to offer the python the sanctuary he would find in his native habitat as well as a basking pool that provides underwater viewing for visitors.


It is the longest snake species in the world, averaging around 22 feet and reaching up to 30 feet. A black criss-cross pattern runs the length of the python’s gray, brown and tan body, giving it the reticulated name. The snake’s coloring contributes to its ability for camouflage to elude predators and conceal itself from potential prey.


Fun Facts

  • The reticulated python is a “constrictor”; it uses its large, strong body to constrict and then suffocate its prey.