Camel Spotlight

large camel enjoying sunshine
Camels have amazing adaptations to help them live in the desert, including large feet to keep them from sinking in the sand! Make some moldable sand for hours of fun.


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife:

Domestic camels, like the ones that live at the Detroit Zoo, depend on human care to survive. Their wild counterparts, Bactrian camels who live in Asia, forage for their own food and water. Wild Bactrian camels are critically endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. By sharing the story of endangered animals, like camels, people can ensure their actions do not have a negative impact on other species.


 Take Action:

Many species of animals are threatened by habitat loss. By choosing to purchase items that are sustainably grown, harvested and made, we can reduce our impact on habitats around the world. Look for symbols like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Rainforest Alliance when you make purchases.


Download: Sand for Camels