Panamanian Golden Frogs

Panamanian golden frogs are extinct in the wild, but you can catch a glimpse of what they might look like back in their habitat by doing this activity.


Celebrating and Saving Wildlife and Wild Places:

The Detroit Zoological Society works with other accredited zoos and aquariums to care fro assurance populations of species who are at risk of going extinct. Assurance populations are animals kept in human care until it is safe to release them back to their native habitats. The DZS cares for Panamanian golden frogs in the National Amphibian Conservation Center and supports conservation work in Panama to help save this critically endangered species.


 Take Action:

Our actions matter! Panamanian golden frogs are extinct in the wild in part because of the pet trade. The colorful frogs are considered a symbol of good luck in Panama and were highly desired as pets. Make sure you know where your pets come from, and ensure they aren’t species being collected from the wild.


Download: Panamanian Golden Frog Illusions